Evaluation + Culture = Change

This webinar occurred on March 16, 2021. The webinar recording, slides, and resources are located at the bottom of this page.

Lynn Hoffman

Many public libraries struggle to grow a culture of evaluation across their organizations. No matter whether you are already aboard the data train yourself, or you and your library still have a way to go, a key hurdle to spreading evaluation and assessment best practices is that it represents change. This session will provide a brain-based framework for understanding resistance to change, particularly when it comes to evaluation. We will also look at change management fundamentals, and give you some basic strategies you can use to foster culture change at your organization.


Lynn Hoffman has worn a wide variety of hats throughout her twenty-plus year public library career, but has found her niche in administration, implementing big ideas on the front lines at the assistant director level at several large public library systems in the Midwest. She is also a self-professed data nerd and wannabe coder, and loves finding ways to make it easy for her colleagues to gain new insights from the data we already collect. Lynn is currently Director of Operations at the Somerset County Library System of New Jersey and served on the Public Library Association’s Measurement, Evaluation and Assessment Committee.




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