Introduction to Data Equity

Introduction to Data Equity

May 13, 2024, 3:00-4:30 Eastern/2:00-3:30 Central/1:00-2:30 Mountain/12:00-1:30 Pacific


This webinar will get you up to speed on the core issues facing the equitable and ethical use of quantitative data and provide you with a clear picture of the challenging landscape of turning complex human questions into numbers and then back into meaning (without totally screwing people over in the process!).

In this session, we’ll use practical and concrete examples to explore:

  • The compelling case for why data projects are not objective (and why that’s a good thing!);
  • How the kinds of choice points we face when working with quantitative data give us the opportunity to embed equity in our work;
  • Why we all need a cohesive system for identifying and addressing equity issues in data,
  • An introduction to a practical, concrete approach to this crucial issue: The Data Equity Framework.

Participants will be given a summary document with key concepts and talking points, which many people find extremely useful in discussing data equity with colleagues, clients, bosses, boards, and policymakers.

This session will be recorded, and the recording and any resources shared will be available on this webpage within two business days of the webinar.

This session is part of the 12 Months to Better Library Data Webinar Series, made possible by funding from the Mellon Foundation.


Heather Krause
Founder, We All Count

Heather Krause, PStat, is a data scientist and the founder of We All Count, a project for equity in data. We All Count works with teams across the globe to embed a lens of equity into their data products. Heather is a data scientist with over 20 years of experience building tools that improve practices and systems. Her cutting-edge approach to project design, data collection, analysis, reporting and visualization have placed her in high demand as a project lead, a crisis consultant and a speaker on the subject of data equity.