F3: Fine-Free Future

F3: Fine-Free Future

Wednesday, June 6, 2018, 2:00-3:00 Eastern/11:00-12:00 Pacific

The archive of the webinar can be found here with slides available here.

Presenters: Sarah Houghton, Director, San Rafael Public Library, Peter Bromberg, Executive Director, Salt Lake City Public Library, and Gretchen Caserotti, Library Director, Meridian Library District


Libraries continue to strive toward more equitable access even as many of our communities face growing income inequalityand the question of library fines has become particularly relevant. This webinar brings together three experienced library directors who have recently eliminated some or all overdue fines at their libraries to discuss the strategies they used in their communities, the arguments for and against the elimination of fines, their plans to measure impact and success, and how they communicate the issue of overdue fines as critical to any library’s mission of equal access and social equity. As part of this discussion, they will share examples of how they used data to inform their fine-elimination process.

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