Breakout: Finding Partners for Your Data Adventure

26 Jul 2023
10:15 am - 10:45 am

Breakout: Finding Partners for Your Data Adventure

Learn about the benefits of partnering with one of our sponsors as you embark on your data adventures. Your group will need information from all of our sponsors to use in our culminating activity. So, decide ahead of time who in your group will attend each session, and return to your group ready to share what you learned.

Benchmark: Library Metrics and Trends: The Public Library Association’s Benchmark is a tool for data-driven planning and advocacy in public libraries. It provides libraries with data visualizations that allow them to compare their inputs and outputs to peer and nationwide data. With Benchmark, you can access data and visualizations from a range of data sources (PLA topical survey data, historic PLDS data, IMLS Public Libraries Survey, and Census Bureau) that facilitate peer comparisons.

Communico: Communico empowers libraries with the technology to help them increase usage of their resources. An integrated cloud platform provides customers with a unified user experience across all modules and saves hundreds of hours in staff time by removing duplicate tasks.  Cloud-based applications include a content management system; program, event, and calendar management; meeting, study room, and asset management; iOS and Android customer apps; digital signage; interactive self-serve kiosks; mobile point of service; unified eReaders; and discovery.

OrangeBoy: OrangeBoy offers Savannah®, a software as a service (SaaS) customer intelligence platform designed to help organizations report customer insights in real time. Savannah also provides tools to engage customers using targeted email communications and mechanisms to gather valuable customer feedback. Savannah is offered as a web-based platform but can be combined with OrangeBoy consulting services to create a custom solution. Our consulting services provide clients with the expertise to translate trends, develop strategies, create strategic plans, allocate resources, or implement marketing or branding initiatives. If you are looking for data-driven decision-making tools or expert business consulting, OrangeBoy is here to help you succeed.

Project Outcome: The Public Library Association’s Project Outcome is a FREE online toolkit designed to help public libraries understand and share the impact of essential library programs and services by providing simple surveys and an easy-to-use process for measuring and analyzing outcomes. Participating libraries are also provided with the resources and training support needed to apply their results and confidently advocate for their library’s future. Project Outcome’s standardized surveys allow libraries to aggregate their outcome data and analyze trends by service topic, program type and over time. For the first time, libraries can see how the outcomes of their programs and services compare across their system, state and nationally. Survey topics include Civic/Community Engagement, Digital Learning, Early Childhood Literacy, Economic Development, Health, Education/Lifelong Learning, Job Skills, and Summer Reading.