Breakout: RIPL 101: The Evaluation Process, Part 2 (offered twice)

15 Dec 2020
11:00 am - 12:15 pm MT

Breakout: RIPL 101: The Evaluation Process, Part 2 (offered twice)

Starts @ 10:00 am PT  |  11:00 am MT  |  12:00 pm CT  |  1:00 pm ET

This session and its companion session – RIPL 101: The Evaluation Process, Part 1 (Monday at 12:30 ET/9:30 PT & 2:45 ET/11:45 PT) are highly recommended if you are new to RIPL and beginning your journey with data and evaluation.

This session will also be offered on Tuesday, December 15 at 3:15 ET/12:15 PT

The evaluation process is the foundation for all other RIPL curriculum. This process contains 5 steps:

  1. Identify the purpose of the evaluation
  2. Plan your evaluation
  3. Collect data
  4. Analyze data
  5. Use data – for management, strategic planning, and communicating library impact

In this session, we will cover steps four and five in this process. You will learn simple processes for analyzing data from your Public Libraries Survey (also known as the Public Library Annual Report or State Report, depending on the state), including examining trends and benchmarking (selecting library peers for comparison purposes), and for communicating library impact through visualization and storytelling. We will also share a few examples of how public libraries have used data for management and strategic planning.



Data 101
Evaluation planning