Breakout: Can you hear me now? Data for Stakeholders (offered twice)

15 Dec 2020
1:15 pm - 2:30 pm MT

Breakout: Can you hear me now? Data for Stakeholders (offered twice)

Starts @ 12:15 pm PT  |  1:15 pm MT  |  2:15 pm CT  |  3:15 pm ET

This session will also be offered on Tuesday, December 15 at 1:00 ET/10:00 PT

Libraries have six critical stakeholder groups: board, funders (usually the city or local government), residents (who may vote for funding), residents who use the library (patrons, members or customers), residents who don’t use the library (potential members, potential customers), and staff. Examine ways of focusing on three of these important stakeholders: staff, board, and city funders. Although these stakeholders have different ‘lenses’ through which they view, hear, and (hopefully) use data, they all share one common goal: making informed discussions, decisions, strategies, and solutions. Consider a two-pronged yet aligned approach to rename and reframe data in ways to engage staff in gathering, managing, and discussing statistics and program outcomes, and to deepen the understanding of the library as a community contributor.  During the session, participants will try out the approach of creating granular branch dashboards for the staff stakeholders and strategic infographics for the board stakeholders to see what may apply for their specific situations.  This approach is based on three key questions: What? So What? Now What? Blended with considerable humor!

Using data for management, planning, & communication