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Hello! Welcome to the California cohort of Embedding Evaluation in Libraries. I am Rebecca Teasdale, principal of Rebecca Teasdale & Associates, which is based in Chicago. I'm excited to launch this project with all of you and work together over the next 9 months. I invite everyone to introduce themselves and share a bit about what you're hoping to get out your experience with Embedding Evaluation.
Hello all,

Welcome to Embedding Evaluation in Libraries! I'm Linda Hofschire, and I'm the director of the Colorado State Library's Library Research Service, which is located in Denver. I'm looking forward to working with you all over the next 9 months and having the opportunity to take a deep dive into the topic of evaluation.
Hello all,

I am Jack Tilney, Analytics Librarian at San Francisco Public Library.  While our cohort will be focused on measuring the impact of select adult literacy programs this year, I am hoping that the Embedding Evaluation program will provide a strong methodology and toolkit for program evaluation so that we can build useful outcome measurements across an array of programming models in the coming years.  I am looking forward to meeting you all in November!
Greetings!  I am Elizabeth Gray with Yolo County Library.  We'll be focusing on evaluating how current library programs  for families with young children help meet community goal to prepare young children for school so that they can read at grade-level by third grade. I also manage our Adult & Family Literacy program so I'm hoping to apply these tools to that service as well. In general, I'm interested in learning more about evaluating the data we collect so that we can see patterns, develop useful outcomes, and generally feel like we have an organized approach to data collection and evaluation.
Hello! My name is Ashleigh Hvinden and I am the Reference & Teen Services Librarian for the Carlsbad City Library located in sunny Southern California. I am so excited to be part of this cohort. I am looking forward to learning in-depth evaluation techniques that I can apply to a variety of adult and teen programming. I am most looking forward to learning how to eloquently explain program evaluation results to my library administration.
Hello everyone!  My name is Maile (pronounced Miley) McKeon and I am a reference librarian at the Carlsbad City Library.  I oversee the Exploration HUB, our technology lab where we teach on average 35 classes a month.  The subjects range from Tinkercad 3D design, Photoshop Elements editing to Silhouette Cameo design.  Our group is focusing on the Silhouette Cameo classes.  It is a software design program that allows people to cut their design out on the Silhouette Cameo cutter.  Some of the class projects have been birthday cards made with card stock and Game of Thrones themed t-shirts with heat transfer vinyl.  We have been collecting data on class attendance and supply spending, but I want to learn how to evaluate these classes with outcome measurements.  I want to be able to share the "story" of the Exploration HUB with administration and the community.
Hello everyone,
I am Madelyn Horton, reference librarian at Carlsbad City Library. I have everything to learn about measurement and evaluation with regard to library programming, and I'm looking forward to collaborating with my colleagues from Carlsbad and all of you in the coming months.
Hi, my name is Samantha Yeung, Library Division Manager at the Thousand Oaks Library.  We look forward to building an evaluation toolbox for programming, workflow analysis, and services. We hope to improve our data gathering processes focusing on results to complement our anecdotal evidence to show impact and improve accountability.
Hi all,
I am Andrea Hilliard from the Carlsbad City Library. I'm supporting our project team as we evaluate outcomes from Silhouette Cameo classes taught in the Exploration HUB. 

Like most libraries, we collect a ton of data, so we have transactional numbers. I'm looking for transformational information to tell our stories and demonstrate our impact. Our city's Chief Innovation Officer recently said that 88% of collected data is unused. I'd like to learn to collect meaningful, actionable data to continue to offer programming that meets community needs.

Looking forward to getting to know each other,
Hi everyone! My name is Katie and I work at the Sacramento Public Library. I'm new to the library field and I'm looking forward to learning evaluation techniques to use and share in our Community Engagement department.

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