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Well better later, than never.  My name is Lise Mitchell and I'm the director of the Grand Ledge Area District Library.  We are a class 4 library just to the west of Lansing.  I have been the director here for about 6 years.  I have been really struggling to decide on one project for this workshop.  What I would really like to accomplish is a more effective dashboard that is self-sufficient and meaningful to staff, board and patrons -- or maybe a two dashboards -- one external and one internal.  Time is always my enemy and I am too often attracted to too much data -- and the data often only makes sense to me, because I've been working with it the most.  I want to make it more intuitive and meaningful to others as good measurements of the library's progress and success.  So piece of cake.

see everybody soon, Lise
Hi Everybody!

I'm Kevin Hawley, Circulation Supervisor of the East Lansing Public Library (we're right across the street from the Hannah Center - come one over and say hi!) Like many of you, we're just finishing our summer reading program. We'd like to step back and evaluate our summer reading offerings - assessing the community's needs, identifying our goals, and basically trying to determine whether we're accomplishing what we think we're accomplishing.
Hi! I'm Jane Martel from Arapahoe Libraries in Colorado. I wasn't at your Michigan RIPL event but I've been to several other RIPL events as an attendee, facilitator and instructor. I also facilitate the RIPL discussion board and look forward to your participation.

Beyond the RIPL Events>Michigan forum that you're in now, you are welcome to register for and subscribe to any individual forum and receive notifications as you desire. It's a great tool for staying connected with all your RIPL peers from across the country and for posting data and research-related questions you have.

I hope you had a fantastic time at RIPL!

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