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Hi, I'm Sonia Antoine, Director of Newport News Public Library.  We have coverage gaps in the city and I'd like to evaluate the need for additional library facilities around the city. Specifically, I'd like to develop a strategy for collecting data on whether the citizens of Newport News would be best served by either a) new traditional branches, b) alternative service locations, or c) expanded outreach.
I'm Carolyn Sears, Assistant Director at Chesterfield County Public Library.  I'd like to develop a staffing model that our budget department can understand and support.  To do so, I will be undertaking a staffing audit to get a better idea of how staff time is currently being spent. I will also be developing standards that can be applied across the system in order to create efficiencies and encourage alignment with system goals and objectives.   
Looking forward to meeting everyone!
Hi, my name is Anita Jennings.  I am the Library Administrator for the Newport News Public Library.  For my project, I would like to establish criteria for forecasting staffing needs at various service points taking into account workloads, historical usage patterns and trends so that we can staff our branches more efficiently.   
I am Alex Hamby and I am the Collection Management Coordinator for Henrico County Public Library. I would like to develop questions to best capture our community's wants and needs regarding our library's collections. When our Library Services Plan is revisited, my hope is to incorporate these findings in my department's workflows to best provide collections that continue to be relevant to the people we serve.
See you tomorrow-
My name is Ryan and I'm here to say, I'm all about evaluations in a major way.

I'm from the J. Robert Jamerson Memorial Library in "scenic" Appomattox VA, and I'm impressed I actually typed "library" correctly on the first try!

Currently I'm evaluating quite a few things simultaneously. Let's see...

Hiring practices - Do knowledge assessments match up with the job descriptions and, furthermore, do they both match up to actual employee tasks?

Programming - Do programs match up with community needs? How do you measure community needs effectively?

Summer Reading - What is a practical and meaningful way to measure the impact of summer reading locally?

Accounting - What is the best way to reconcile accounts across platforms, between stakeholders, and in real time?

Reporting (in general) - What does it all mean? How can reports support and demonstrate the library's core values? How can reports help the community?

Drop-In Lighting - Just one example of a very simple, practical report that could have an enormous impact. How do i go about taking action on this?


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(05-28-2019, 10:16 AM)SarahP Wrote: Hello, I am Sarah Palfrey, Director for the Morgantown Public Library System (WV). There are so many things in our system that need evaluation, but for this workshop I am going to start with the hardest, hoping to get the most help! My big question is how do you decided on the size/location of a new facility? We have one that needs to be replaced because of structural issues, one that is too small, and another that the cost of maintaining the building is challenging.  I am hoping to establish sometime of guidelines or criteria that can help through these very big decisions.  

Also I'll be traveling one of these routes, if you have any suggestions of must stop and see libraries (of any size) please send them my way.

Hi Sarah! I tried to meet up with you a few times at RIPL but was unable to do so. I lived in Morgantown as a WVU student and used the public library often. 
A tool that Sandy from Shenandoah showed us on day one at our table and I plan on using shortly is called Policy Map ( It is a tool that ties GIS mapping to your ILS so you can see maybe where the population centers are to where people are registered library users. Hope that helps.

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