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My name is Doug Miller, the Strategic Planner and Customer Research Manager for the Fairfax County Public Library. We are in the early stages of launching a new Mobile Library and Outreach Service. FCPL hasn't had a bookmobile since the early 1980s and did virtually no evaluation of the service which was not at all unusual at the time. So basically we are starting from scratch. I'd like to know what other systems offering mobile service see as the most useful data to gather in order to evaluate the service. Are we talking the library standard stuff like circulation & visits or are there more meaningful stats such as the number of senior residences or Title I schools visited; outreach to at-risk populations and how to define & capture that; do others use their mobile service as a way to partner with other local agencies such as their Health Dept. or Human Services; what is the best way to tell the story of our success with this new mobile library service?

hdugginswarfMy name is Hannah Duggins-Warf. I am the Strategic Data Analyst at Virginia Beach Public Library. I'd like to evaluate our outreach to public schools - looking at where we go and with what frequency and compare that to the school's report card (which shows percentage of free and reduced lunch, demographic breakdown, school's standardized test scores, etc) to see what changes we might need to make to use our resources in the places that would most benefit. I'd like the end product to be an interactive dashboard that could be used by our programming coordinators and our branch managers to help them figure out which outreaches would best meet the needs of which schools.

Hi Hannah,
  This sounds like an interesting project. Here in Fairfax County we struggle with this kind of program evaluation constantly. We have Program Plans that managers complete prior to each fiscal year so they have to actually think about their levels and types of programming for the coming year. We provide demographic data on their particular service area so they can familiarize themselves with who is in the community and thus program accordingly. While many of our individual branches work actively with schools, we find that schools are not exactly eager to work together. Naturally there is internal politics on both the library and school side. There are staffing issues, scheduling issues, etc., etc. I would be very interested to learn how you move this project forward.
Hello All! My name is Jessica West, Division Manager of Branch Services from Loudoun County Public Library in Leesburg, VA. I'll be attending RIPL with my colleagues Mike Van Campen, Deputy Director, and fellow Division Managers, Leah Bromser-Kloeden (Collection Management Services), Pete O'Brien (Communications), Susan VanEpps (Programming and Community Engagement) and Dan Bureau (Technology Services). We are excited to attend and learn more about how to collect and evaluate data. We just recently installed SenSource people counters in all 10 of our branches. These counters provide a wealth of information regarding visits, including visits by hour. We'd like to learn how to evaluate this data, perhaps including other data such as circulation and programming statistics, in order to tailor our staffing levels, marketing, and services to customers.
Hi, everyone! I'm Sarah Skrobis, and I've been the Director at Staunton Public Library for almost two years. I'm excited to evaluate something in relation to marketing to allow us to better reach our community. Where do people find our information? What content is most successful? How can we better tell our story?

Looking forward to meeting you all next week!
Hi, all. I'm Dana Smook, library director at Essex Public Library in Tappahannock, VA. I'd like to take a closer look at the needs of families and children in our county of 11,000 people. The needs of young families here have changed a lot over the last few years and our traditional early literacy services aren't cutting it anymore. Our school system is also struggling, and I'm interested in how we can support our educators and parents. I hope to undertake a population assessment for developing a new early literacy outreach plan and also to shape our summer reading programs. These questions seem really big, but hopefully, this scope is specific enough for the purposes of RIPL. Looking forward to meeting everyone and getting to work!
Hi, Jen Shepley, Manager of Community Services with Chesterfield County Public Library. I'm one of several CCPL folks attending. I'm on the fence about two projects. The first is based on a reevaluation of our strategic plan and how we look at offering equitable, rather than equal, services. There are a lot of pieces to this, but several areas for evaluation are:
correlating fine elimination to increased circulation
evaluating service hours to meet customer needs

We've also gotten the school system to mostly be on board with doing a combined summer learning program. I'd like to evaluate participation numbers at the schools that combined efforts with us compared to those that did not.
My name is Sandy Whitesides, and I am the Library Director for the Shenandoah County Public Library System. The project I'd like to evaluate is our weekly drop-in "Tech Lab" where we invite people to bring questions about their electronic devices, laptops, software, etc. Looking forward to the sessions!
Hi, my name is Whitney Berriman and I am the Library Director for Powhatan County Public Library.  My project is to develop a needs assessment as part of an update of our strategic plan.
I'm Lisa Gray, Planning and Development Specialist for the Central Rappahannock Regional Library. Our planning team would like to evaluate the YS programming at our Westmoreland locations to determine if the programming as it currently stands is a good use of resources. This project is in its infancy (as in, just born last week!) so I'm looking forward to developing it and getting feedback during RIPL.
(05-16-2019, 12:09 PM)LindaHofschire Wrote: Hello!

I'm Linda Hofschire, Director of the Colorado State Library's Library Research Service. I invite you to introduce yourself and share a description of your evaluation project. I'm looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!


Hello everyone,

I am JoLynn Holcomb, a branch manager from the Chesapeake Public Library.  I'd like to work on a strategy for collecting data to support building expansions/construction of new facilities.  I have a list of data points to consider but I would love more suggestions.  I want to demonstrate a clear community need for a larger facility, and also to have data to help us determine when other facilities need to consider expansions.
Hi all. my name is Douglas Keith and I am the Circulation Supervisor at the Augusta County Library. I'd like to evaluate how we are collecting and using stats in our library. Currently we have a system in place that I use, but can it be improved, modified or are we not utilizing them efficiently?

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