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My name is Christopher Davis and I am the Systems & E-Services Librarian at the Uintah County Library in Vernal, Utah. My library is a member of the Uintah Basin Libraries Consortium which serves approximately 46,000 patrons who live in northeastern Utah and northwestern Colorado. My library needs to evaluate the usefulness of its website (

In this project, I need to know whom is using the website, what webpages they are visiting, whether they found what they were looking for, whether they used the menus (browsed), keyword searched, or utilized the online chat feature to discover the information they were seeking, and how they arrived at the website (e.g. via url or via search engine). I would also like to gather how much our website users like using our site and record suggestions for improvement. I am excited to attend this workshop; however, I am worried about information overload and being overwhelmed as that data wrangling is not my forte. I have faith that I will eventually come out on top in the end :-)

I'm Tegan Davis, Public Relations Librarian for the Eagle Valley Library District ( in Eagle County, Colorado. I'm focusing on evaluating our volunteer program (i.e. assessing volunteer training, experiences/feedback and how can I improve the volunteer program).
Hi, I'm Linda Tillson Director of the Eagle Valley Library District.  Our District is planning to do a statistically valid community survey in 2020.  I am interested in getting more feedback from users and nonusers regarding the library collection.  We make judgments about what items are most important to our patrons but I would like to have more information directly from our community about the importance of bestsellers, classics, nonfiction, etc.

 I am Suzanne McGowan and I work at Anythink Libraries in Colorado as the Director of Customer Experience.  One of the evaluation projects that we are working on at Anythink is setting metrics of success for our 2018 -2022 Strategic Plan. 

We are looking at how to measure and evaluate our strategic plan initiatives and the specific outcome that I'm bringing for this project is Community.  The outcome for this initiative is:  People are happy, healthy and safe.  We are not only wanting to measure if the people in our community are feeling happy, healthy and safe, but also how much of an impact the library is having on the community in these areas.    We are looking to create a short list of questions we can use to help determine if we are on track.

The language around this initiative is "Anythink builds community by connecting people, organizations, and agencies with ideas and each other."  Anythink as Town Square.  Anythink is a place where people come together for civic engagement, social interaction and information.  The Anythink Town Square convenes on a district-wide and hyper-local level, in spaces both physical and online.  

I'm hoping to walk away from the two days with feedback and input to add to the conversations we are having at Anythink.

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