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Evaluation Projects
Arapahoe Libraries wants to evaluate current service level expectations for various positions and establish an objective method for determining staffing needs across departments/ branches. For this project we would like to explore the service level expectations for the information services department including what data to gather to establish capacity.

Question/ Problem:
What type of data do we look at (or should we look at) to determine a need for additional/fewer staff in the information services department?

Arapahoe Libraries leadership wants to establish an objective method for making informed decisions about creating new or refilling old positions including the ultimate impact to patrons.
Project Description:
The Hailey Public Library is planning to  expand our children's programming to include a lapsit program.  We already offer two weekly story time programs which is well attended.  With the increase of babies being born, we feel there is a need for this program.  I'm also considering the need for more kindergarten readiness activities and programs.  We have a strong partnership with our school district and understand the need for stronger reading proficiency.  

Question/Problem Statement:
With limited resources, should our focus be on a lapsit program or an additional story time program that emphasizes kindergarten readiness?  Where are the kids from low-income households receiving preschool, if at all?  How do we target under-served areas?  

Statement of Why:
According to the Blaine County School District, only 49% of kids entering Kindergarten this fall are at benchmark including letter recognition.  From July 2016 through July 2017, Blaine County grew by 1.3 percent.  Headstart closed the local location leaving a huge gap in preschool options, especially for low income households.  By being thoughtful, mindful, and strategic, Hailey Public Library can assist with filling this need and other gaps in services.
Impact of a new library on an underserved community.  We are opening a new library and want to make sure we have valuable measurement to support our long and short term goals.
Question/Problem statement:
Are we utilizing our resources appropriately for this community?  Are we providing a positive impact on this community?  Are we addressing real community needs?
Statement of Why: Why does the Library need this answer?
To know if we are allocating library resources appropriately.  Do we need to change our approach?  If we are not achieving a positive impact what could or should we do differently?
Project Description:
We are circulating 30 “WiFi kits,” each including a MiFi hotspot and Chromebook computer, to families with children in grades 4-6, for the entire 2018-2019 school year. This is an extension of a project we piloted last year.

Question/Problem Statement:
How does home internet access affect the lives of these students and their families? What are the best measures of this program’s impact?

Statement of Why:
Finding a better way to measure the positive results of this program will help us improve and refine the service, as well as increasing our chances of finding future funding for it.
I'm choosing between two projects--one that may be too broad or another that my library management doesn't necessarily think we need to evaluate, but I would like to review.

Projects Descriptions:

1) Evaluation of the current YA service model (preferred, but too broad?)
2) Evaluation of The Corner (YA Space)

Question/Problem Statement:

1) What are the components to a working YA service model?
- What is essential?
- How do we improve?
2) Does the YA space even matter?
- Are the displays engaging?
- Do teens care about what's in the space?
- Is staff (specific character types) important?

Statement of Why:

1) We want to achieve sustainability of the service model. Should current YA staff leave, will YA services continue to exist? Teens in the community should know they are served by the library.
2) We will allocate more resources to the space in order to create even more relevant programming and displays.
Project:  We bought 60 laptops that fit into three charging carts to be transported between 9 libraries to be used for computer classes or gaming programs or training for our digital services resources. 
Problem Statement: I want to find out if the computers will be used by the library program coordinators and if the patrons will be interested in attending these programs. 
Statement of Why:  We need to market the programs extensively and see if the attendance will be large enough to continue to have computer programs. If the programs are successful, we will continue to have more programs. If the programs are not successful we will divide the computers and carts between the libraries to be used by patrons at the library.  

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(07-12-2018, 08:39 AM)LindaHofschire Wrote: Hello!

Please share the following information about your evaluation project:

1 - a brief description of your project
2 - your question/problem statement (what is the question that needs to be answered OR the problem that needs to be solved?)
3 - your why statement (why does the library need this answer/solution? What will the library be able to do after it has this answer/solution?)


Hi Everyone,
I am excited to develop an evaluation for the Alexandria Library's (AL) summer reading program for children.  In particular, I am interested in understanding whether our program is effectively promoting literacy for children in first-third grades.  Posed as a question:  is the library's summer reading program strengthening literacy skills in children in first-third grades?  Why is this important?  AL invests a good amount of time and financial resources in this program.  Knowing more about this program's effectiveness may help us to gather additional funding sources and partnerships to enlarge the initiative.  Further, based on research conducted for the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, reading proficiency obtained by third grade is a predictor for school success.  I would like to understand how or if AL's summer reading program is contributing to our children's reading proficiency.
We have low attendance at most of our programs.  I would love to determine why. But, I think that may be a little too broad.  I will focus instead on what programs would best meet the needs of this small rural community.  Though it is small and rural, we still have a very diverse population.  It is a school district where 70% of the students qualify for a free lunch and even fewer go on to college.  But, the programs we hold seem to primarily be attended by the same few retired educators and retired business professionals.  The area is considered a resort area since the population doubles in the summer months, but our summer programs are no better attended than any other time of the year.

Question/Problem Statement:
What programs will best serve and be of interest to our diverse community.

Statement of Why:
The library should be the center of this community and be able to meet the needs of more than one very narrow segment of the population.  If we can assess the broader community's needs we will be able to better serve them and possibly improve the outlook for the community's residents.
Project: Digital Resources Circulation

Question: How can we increase circulation for electronic materials?

Why: Electronic materials are very popular for many of our patrons, and our limited physical accessibility for our patrons (2 branches and 1 bookmobile for 150,000 people) makes it difficult for people to learn about or access our materials. We would like to promote and increase circulation for our electronic materials so that patrons 40 miles out can still use the library.
Project Description:
This year, our library will be updating our long range plan.  It has been several years since the last community assessment to determine the services and programs our community needs/wants.  We want to determine what our community wants from their library.

Question/Problem Statement:
What programs and services are most valued by our patrons and what are they hoping we will add?

Statement of Why:
The library will update our long range plan to align with the current needs/wants our community which will hopefully lead to increased library usage.

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