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Hello everyone! I'm Jennifer Jordebrek, the assistant director at the North Liberty Community Library in North Liberty, Iowa. I'm excited to attend my first RIPL in a few weeks, see you all then!
I am Andre Bracy and I am the Data Analyst for the Free Library of Philadelphia. I work in the Strategic Initiatives Departments and I specialize in Analytics, Infographics and anything Tech Related. When I'm not working, I'm fixing someones computer, building custom furniture or hanging with my family.
(07-03-2018, 03:49 PM)kieran Wrote: Hi There!
I am Kieran Hixon. I am the Technology and Digital Initiatives Consultant at the Colorado State Library and President of the Association for Rural and Small Libraries.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in person!

HI Kieran - can't wait to talk with you about The Assoc for Rural and Small Libraries. 

Greetings, I'm Gretchen Caserotti. Director at Meridian Library District, ID. First time attendee and have heard wonderful things, so I'm excited to be able to attend!
Hi! I am Diana Very, director at Three Rivers Regional Library System in SE Georgia. I am really looking forward to this program.
Wow - I'm so honoured to be in this incredible group (note Canadian spelling.....). I'm Rebecca Jones with Dysart & Jones Associates, and most recently (until Dec2018) was Director Branches & Neighbourhood Services with Brampton Library in Ontario, Canada. I've been intrigued and working on performance measures and evaluation models for not-for-profits since 2001 (yep....been around a long time!). So I'm so delighted that public libraries are diving into this data adventure.  I'll be working with you all in Atlanta and am very much looking forward to it!!

I agree with Nancy Logan - spare time? Smile  Family, friends, the gym 4 days/week @ 5:30a.m. (it's a thing for a bunch of us who have worked out together for 30 years....omg....), sewing, oh - and board games!! (including Words with Friends -- anyone play?)
Hi! I'm Leslie Partridge, Assistant Director of Kinchafoonee Regional Library System. Kinchafoonee Regional is a small, rural library system, covering 6 counties, with headquarters in Dawson, GA (about 3 hours south of Atlanta). This is my first time attending RIPL.
Hi! I'm Shannon Schultz, and I am the public library administration consultant for the state of Wisconsin. Our goal is to create a statewide cohort of RIPL participants to help tackle data and outcomes challenges for public libraries. This is our 3rd year of participants, and 4 of this year's participants are Wisconsin library professionals and first-timers.

I am an avid curler-- in the winter I curl 2 to 4 times per week and in the summer I think about it. It makes those long Wisconsin winters go by really fast! I also love to kayak, have a love-hate relationship with golf, I travel, and I enjoy good beer and wine. I cherish my Wisconsin Badger Men's Hockey season tickets and spending time indoors and out with my husband, daughter, dog (soon to be dogs), and cat.
I am Valerie Bell, Executive Director of the Athens Regional Library System in Athens Ga.  I'm looking forward to meeting you all in HotLanta!
My name is Brodie Austin. I am the Assistant Director at the Northbrook Public Library in Northbrook, Illinois (a suburb north of Chicago). My exposure to data largely comes through things like Google Analytics, which I've used to assess websites. I also have designed some surveys for the library. I'm looking forward to learning how libraries are being more data-literate and hope there are some ideas I can bring back to my library.

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