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Intros and Evaluation Project
Hi There,
I'm Matt Amory and I'm the Technology Librarian in Canton Mass.

Our Strategic Plan says we're investigating Sunday hours, but with our director retiring, there's no movement on making that happen.  I'm trying to use ARIS and survey data to make the prospect of working Sundays in rotation more palatable to our staff.
Hello, everyone! I am Susan Pizzolato, Library Director at the Mattapoisett Free Public Library. I am very interested in data gathering and effective ways to display statistics about our library to various audiences.

See you soon!

Hi--Susan Pizzolato from the Mattapoisett Free Public Library here.

I would like to evaluate the ease with which patrons find materials in the library (user experience). We are working on major changes to our floor plan.

See you all soon!
Hello everyone. My name is Lorraine Barry and I am Head of Information Services at the Reading Public Library.  We offer a lot of program series at the library and continue to add new series to meet community needs and interests. I’d like to use outcome measurements to document community value and/or determine if a series should wrap up. 
For this training, I’d like to evaluate our monthly entrepreneur meet-up series.
Hello. My name is Margaret Perkins. I am the Director of the Medway Public Library. We were fortunate to have enough room to have built a large Makerspace in the lower level of the library, and we have several meeting rooms, ranging from small to quite large. For this workshop I would like to focus on evaluating our adult programming in order to improve our ability to meet the needs of our patrons.
I'm the director at the Clinton library.  Our library, built in 1902, is not fulfilling the needs of our patrons.  I would like to figure out how to find out exactly what users (and non-users) want/need from their library (us!) and how we can fulfill those needs, either with a new building, a renovation, or some combination of the two.
Our first step is to develop a five-year strategic plan (first meeting Saturday) and to be ready for the next round of planning & design, should there be one, or to figure out how to do it on our own.

Marie Mueller
Hi All,
I am Krista McLeod, Library Director at the Nevins Memorial Library in Methuen, MA.

Like some of the others, I am planning to use the RIPL program to develop better evaluation techniques for my library, beginning with a comprehensive evaluation as a first step in a new long-range plan.  I have become increasingly concerned about the disconnect between our services and our ability to evaluate them effectively, so I am hoping to learn some new techniques to understand the effectiveness of what we are putting our energies into.  At my library we are wrapping up a federal grant that was supposed to have a major component of evaluation, and I have not been impressed so far by the data collection methods and tools.  So I look forward to getting lots of new ideas!!

Although 8am is pretty early for me!!  I may not be awake until after my second or third cup of coffee! Smile
Hi all, 
I'm Theresa Maturevich, Assistant Director of the Winchester Public Library. We are looking to complete a strategic plan this year so I'm interested in effective ways to assess the community needs via community survey and focus groups, particularly in light of changing demographics. Looking forward to seeing you all.

Hello everyone,
I'm Tim Silva and I'm the Head of Adult Services at the Leominster Public Library. We have not done a great deal of evaluation in my time at the library but as we've just completed a new strategic plan, there are a LOT of potential evaluation projects. In trying to pare down the idea of evaluating library personnel, I'd like to look specifically at technology skills, comfort levels in using technology and/or explaining/teaching it to patrons, with the goal of creating an internal technology evaluation and training curriculum.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing those of you I know already and meeting those of you I don't. See you in a few hours!


Hello everyone,  

What an outstanding event this week!  It was a pleasure to hear about all your projects at RIPL.  I’m thrilled that RIPL and MLS are fostering a culture of assessment and evaluation for public libraries in Massachusetts and can’t wait to see how all your projects evolve.   

I’m Michelle Eberle, a Consultant, at the Massachusetts Library System (MLS).  I have a lot of experience with assessment and evaluation from my previous position with the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, where one of my responsibilities was serving as the Evaluation Liaison for the New England Region for the NLM’s  National Evaluation Office.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like support with your project whether that be developing your evaluation plan, data collection, or data analysis.

I’m very committed to integrating assessment and evaluation into my work at MLS.  Currently, I’m working on a project to connect our members with resources and support for the social services needs of our communities.  If you are interested to learn more about this and are attending MLA, please join me for a presentation and roundtable discussion on Wednesday, May 23rd at 8:30 AM.  

If your project leads to a community engagement success (or if you have a current success story) and you would like to be featured in the MLS Community Engagement Blog, please contact me.  I’d love to interview you and give your project some publicity on a statewide level.

Here’s my contact information:  (508) 357-2121 x305

Looking forward to being a part of the RIPL Community of Practice!

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