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Intros and Evaluation Project
I'm Catherine McDonald, the Director at Beebe Library in Wakefield.  

In very broad terms, I am looking at uses of our existing space and staffing, as well as preparing to conduct a strategic plan next year. I'm interested in determining demand for things or services we don't currently offer. 

For this project, I would like to evaluate potential demand for a digital media center.
Hi All, 

My name is Kim Tolson and I am the Director of the Millis Public Library. We are looking towards conducting a community needs assessment, so that we can better develop programs and services that will meet the needs of the community. I am new to this position and the library and so am really just at the beginning of the process of getting to know the community. As far as I can tell, there hasn't been much formal evaluation done in recent years. We do have a strategic plan, which was written shortly before opening a new library building.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Hi I'm Antonia Stephens, Director of the Cotuit Library. I would like to evaluate the impact/success of our outreach programs to the local senior center and to preschools, although I'm very interested in a number of the other projects this group has mentioned.
Hi everyone,

I'm Lyndsay Forbes and work as a consultant at the MBLC. I'm focusing on our direct LSTA grants for libraries. We require libraries to have at least two outcomes for their projects but we're finding when it's time for us to report, many have not collected useful data. I'm hoping to find a way to get what we need from these libraries when they report to us while being supportive of their diverse approaches to their projects.
Hi, Everybody,

I'm Rebecca Meehan, the Assistant Director of the Woburn Public Library.  We are currently in a cozy temporary space while we wait for the completion of our building project (reopening in early March 2019), which will offer much larger children's spaces, a teen room, state-of-the art maker space, community spaces and awesome technology, more staff (I'm an optimist!), robust programming, etc.  We're really looking forward to it.

Up until the past year, we'd been offering programming in a space that was not-quite-right (too small, too crowded, too multi-use, too underground...), and it showed in our numbers.  We mostly saw either folks who lived within walking distance, or local folks (and that number skewed older).  For the past year+, we've been doing almost 100% offsite programming.  Which is great! We're reaching all sorts of new patrons, forging and solidifying community bonds, and telling the library story.  Next year, we'll be operating out of a facility that will much more of a draw for folks from Woburn and the surrounding communities, and our programming picture will shift yet again.  Most of our community is finally ready for the , but our local government is a bit...skeptical.  So we've got to try and change their understanding of what a library is and what the WPL can (and does!) do.

My project involves a few things:
  • change hearts and minds! This goal tops all of our lists forever!  
  • figure out what sorts of programming our community really wants (we do have some idea from last year's Strategic Planning Retreat, but more regular engagement with our expanded patron base will keep us current), and figure out the the best way to get to that info--focus groups, surveys, online polls, etc.
  • learn to tell a story about the opportunities the library offers (outputs, impacts, etc.) that is packaged especially for the decision makers.
See you all next week!
Hello Everyone - 
I am the Director of the David & Joyce Milne Public Library in Williamstown
and am looking forward to the conference.
My Evaluation Project comes from an objective of our Master Plan.
To train the public on the use of digital resources available to them 
that we own or have access to.
(05-01-2018, 08:33 AM)Cames Wrote: Hi, I'm Carol Ames, Assistant Circulation Supervisor from the Framingham Library. 

We are interested in learning more about what our patrons will want from our Bookmobile. We'd like to conduct a survey with targeted questions, that will help us get an understanding of prospective Bookmobile patrons: where they live, ages and interests, any other library needs, and how the Bookmobile can improve their library experience.

Hi, my name is Refina Lewis, Borrower Services/Tech Support from Framingham Public Library.

Ditto to what Carol Ames mentioned above.  Looking forward to learning/implementing more on our newest  project the Bookmobile.   Thank you!
Hello, my name is Jessica FitzHanso, and I am the Head of Reader Services at the Chelmsford Public Library. I would like to develop a project that will help us to anticipate and improve our library programs, so that we can approach our programming in a more purposeful way. For this conference, I would like to narrow this focus and examine our Adult Summer Reading program, which for years has been difficult to grow, and find out what we might do to plan a series of activities that will appeal to more people.
Greetings, all

I'm Jennifer Wertkin and I am the director at the Wellfleet Public Library.

I am interested in a few things. Most importantly, we are looking into redesigning our space, and I want to better understand how I can use data to evaluate this. 

Second, I am looking at our personnel needs. 

That being said, there are a lot of other issues I want to look into, so I am excited to see what other folks are doing and I want to learn from all of you!. 

See you soon.
 - Jennifer
Hello, my name is Lucinda Mazza “Cindy” and I am the Assistant Library Director at the Stevens Memorial Library in North Andover, MA.  I have identified two projects I would like to work on, realizing I will have to choose.  Perhaps some of you might recommend one over the other.
1. We are in the process of creating our first electronic newsletter for the Library.  At this time we are evaluating various newsletter applications and will begin our design phase next.  We would like to put a plan in place so we can periodically collect data to evaluate how effective the newsletter is once we start publishing it.  Data to measure the effectiveness of the newsletter: number of subscribers and growth patterns, demographic detail of subscribers (teen, adult, child), what articles/sections get the most/least viewing, ways to gain subscribers, etc.
2. Capture patron’s “in Library” activities and usage while visiting the Library.  For example capturing use of newspapers and magazines, database use, how long do they stay, why they are in the Library (perhaps simple surveys or walk arounds at specific times to record usage), etc.  

I am looking forward to "diving into" the program and meeting all of you on Monday! 
Have a great weekend!    Cindy  Smile

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