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Intros and Evaluation Project

Welcome to the RIPL Community of Practice forum for the Massachusetts event. Please introduce yourself and post a brief description of your evaluation project in this thread.

I'm Linda Hofschire - I'm the director of the Colorado State Library's Library Research Service, and I'm one of the RIPL instructors.
Hello from Colorado! I'm Rochelle Logan, a library consultant and trainer. I am one of your instructors at RIPL and am looking forward to the trip to Massachusetts and meeting you all.

I'm Alex Grebinar, Assistant Director at the Conant Public Library in Sterling.

For my project, I am would like to evaluate the effectiveness of our program marketing to identify areas that may not be as effective, as well as to identify other opportunities for marketing that we may be missing.

I'm Caitlin Kelley, Supervisor of the Mason Square Branch of the Springfield City Library.

For my project, for which we hope to receive grant funding (fingers crossed!), my team members and I seek to compile and evaluate health data on the topics of mental health, homelessness, and poverty-related income disparities in order to develop the tools and training necessary to better serve adults and teens in our community.

For the purposes of this training, I want to learn how to develop an ethical needs assessment geared toward both service providers and city residents. My colleagues and I already have some fairly established notions of what the data we gather will indicate, so I hope to learn best practices for unbiased data analysis as well.

Finally, I decided to do this project after surveying City Library staff about their comfort and ability to serve patrons in vulnerable or crisis situations. I'll bring my
(slightly problematic...) survey questions and results with me.

Looking forward to meeting you all next week!
Hi all-- I'm Jessi Finnie, Library Director of the Scituate Town Library.

We're embarking on our Strategic Planning process after opening a new building a little less than a year ago. The new building has brought many new opportunities as well as many new demographics into the library.

The project that I'd like to work on is two-fold, first some general ideas for our community survey, but second how to tailor the survey to conduct one-on-one interviews. I plan on asking for 5-10 minutes of our patrons' time to conduct in-person meetings, but I want to make sure that the questions are specific enough to generate helpful data but open-ended enough to allow for potential new ideas or opportunities we may not be providing.

Looking forward to meeting everyone! -Jessi
Hello, I'm Ellen Dolan, Director of Shrewsbury Public Library. I am interested in learning more about what kind of services and programs our community wants for youth services.
Hi, I'm Carol Ames, Assistant Circulation Supervisor from the Framingham Library. 

We are interested in learning more about what our patrons will want from our Bookmobile. We'd like to conduct a survey with targeted questions, that will help us get an understanding of prospective Bookmobile patrons: where they live, ages and interests, any other library needs, and how the Bookmobile can improve their library experience.
Hi there! My name is Becky Herrmann and I am the Library Director in Chelmsford, MA - I would like our library to evaluate the location, use and staffing of all of our public desks - that is the general project. For the drilled-down specific, I would like to take a look at our Reader's Advisory/INFO desk to evaluate how effective it has been. I will need to look at the desk stats for patron interactions, # and type of transactions - ref and RA questions versus directional etc - I will have to seek patron testimonials on how this particular location and/or service lhas helped them or not. I need to look at desk scheduling -- including staffing costs and allocation, and the effect pulling staff from other departments to staff this desk has had on their department schedules. And I am looking forward to hearing all of your thoughts on what other kinds of data and metrics I need to evaluate this service.
Greetings everyone!

My name is Diana Ortiz and I am a Reference/Teen Librarian with the Brockton Public Library. I would like to focus on a community needs assessment and/or community focus groups for our library. Specifically, I would like to focus on what programs and/or services that they would like to see us offer.

See you next week!

Hello everybody!
I am Desiree Smelcer, Adult Services Librarian at the South Hadley Public Library.
I want to look at marketing and promotion of Adult programs to a specific age group for example the college age population. Determine effective strategies for extracting data to develop a forward thinking plan for implementation by examining different avenues to engage specific population groups.

See ya' all next week!

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