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Intros and Evaluation Project
Good Day, Everyone!  

I hope to analyze the usage of our Maker/HackerSpace in several ways, some include:
  • Current manner of equipment usage
  • What equipment isn't being used effectively
  • What does our community expect more/less of from the space and equipment
  • Are we overlooking potential users
  • Validation for future equipment purchases by library staff (will it make sense and be cost effective to add certain equipment?)
Lorena Williams, Hubbard Public Library
Hi folks,

My name is William Rutger and I'm the Director of the mid-sized, suburban Avon Lake Public Library.
For my project, I'll be evaluating Discovery Works - our hands-on STEM learning space.  

I'd like to look at increasing its impact on the community and the value it adds to the overall library. 
For example: expanding hours, identifying business partnerships and/or sponsors, and redesigning the space and exhibits 

See everyone next week.
My project will be to look at our library's children's collections.  Specifically, I want to look at:

- Budget for different types of children's materials
- Number of items currently in our collection for each type
- Identify what children collections circulate or perform the best

Joey "Books" Zappitello
The Harbor-Topky Library of Ashtabeautiful! Big Grin
Hi, my name is Michelle Alleman, and I am the director of the McKinley Memorial Library in Niles - a small urban public library in Trumbull County. 

For my project, I am interested in evaluation community needs, perhaps with a focus on programming.

I look forward to seeing everyone in a few days!
(05-02-2018, 12:00 PM)jcarle Wrote: Hi!  I'm Jane Carle and I am the Director of the Kirtland Public Library.  We recently ( about 6 months ago) began processing U.S. Passports.  We seem do process quite a few -- and I'd like to evaluate the cost benefit to the Library.


I might just jump on board with you on your project. We have been processing passports for years.

Kathy Zappitello Smile
I'm Laura Leonard-Director of the Twinsburg Public Library. We serve the school district of Twinsburg which includes Village of Reminderville, City of Twinsburg and Twinsburg Township. We are a suburb of 25,000 situated between Cleveland and Akron. Our community is diverse ethnically and socio-economically.

My project is to review the amount of staff needed support our Computer Lab/ Adult Services area, and what level of education is appropriate.

Laura Leonard
Twinsburg Public Library
Ask me about “Twinsburg Makes Music”,
our Big Learn in 2018.

330-425-4268 x 5
My name is Amy Switzer and I am the director of the Shaker Heights Public Library, a suburban library system.
The big project is to evaluate our organizational structure to determine the best model for our future (and as we plan a renovation).

For this project the plan is to evaluate the optimal staffing for our Administration Department, as we have vacancies to fill in the next few months.

Big picture questions include
  • What departments should the library have and how should they be structured?
  • What are optimal staffing standards for each department?
  • How do we ensure work is being done by the appropriate staff and at appropriate levels?
  • What is the work of the reference staff in a modern library?
    • How do we best staff the reference desk?
    • What qualifications and staffing is best to optimize computer assistance for customers?
    • What work requires reference librarians and what is better done by other staff?
    • What qualifications do they need?
  • How much circ and page staff do we need based on work to be done?
  • What is the optimal staffing for our Administration Department?
    • What positions do we have
    • What hours do they work
    • What is the most cost effective way to distribute hours and job duties
Hello, I'm Valerie Kocin, Director of Cuyahoga Falls Library in Summit County.  We serve a population of 50,000. We are exploring optimal staffing levels for our newly created makerspace, STEM and tech/computer zone which serves adults, teens and children.
We would also like to examine staffing and workflow between two departments: Tech Services and  Circulation.
Hello all.  I'm Julianne Bedel, the Director of the Barberton Public Library in southern Summit County.  We are a school district library serving a population of 26,000.  During our retreat I'll be considering the the optimal level of staffing particularly in the Customer Services Department in our renovated building.  The building project removed our Customer Services and Reference Departments from each other's view.  (The Children's Department and Technical Services have always been on their own floors.)

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