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Evaluation Projects
We opened a new building in 2009.  We went from 9,000 sq ft to 30,000 sq ft with almost the same number of staff members for the first couple of years. Because our city is in growth mode, all departments suffer from the problem of being short-staffed. I've been able to add staff members over the time we've been in the new building, but I feel like a broken record every year at budget time. I'd love to learn a different approach for showing the need for increased staffing (or maybe for showing staff how things can get done more efficiently).

I'm also interested in understanding how to evaluate the usage of our digital offerings.
I have several topics I'm thinking of using for the RIPL evaluation project.

A few weeks ago we offered 3 computer classes for adults. These are the first computer classes we've offered in 5 years. We've had eDevice classes for patrons over the last couple of years but no computer classes. I decided to offer them again because the staff was receiving lots of requests from patrons for computer help. Plus we finally got 10 new laptops so that we could hold the class in our meeting room and even go to the local Senior Center. I'd like to try and figure out how often these classes should be offered.

Another area is teen programming. A few months ago I was able to hire a staff person who has experience with teen programming. Besides the Summer Reading program the library hasn't been successful in the area of teen programming. We've meet with the local Boys & Girls Club and he'll be holding his first teen meeting/program there on November 1 during International Gaming Week. He plans to talk with the kids about what they'd like to see offered and then have a small gaming event.
I will be evaluating our maker space, The Maker Spot. We plan on continuing our maker space but as of right now do not have a full budget. We are sustaining the space enough to help replace consumables, but we cannot add new programs, add staff, or provide any new equipment without a healthy budget. We've been told we may be able to add a 1.5% increase to next year's budget for our maker space, which will provide funds for 1 FT employee and one new equipment, but this is not guaranteed. In August we celebrated our second year of being open. We'd like to continue providing this opportunity to Texas residents, but we need to evaluate and assess the usage, use of space, and look for funding opportunities.
(10-19-2017, 12:56 PM)ajacobsfoust Wrote: Hello -

Please post a description of your evaluation project to this thread.

The city plans to build a new library within the next few years.  I'd like to evaluate who our users are - collect data on age ranges, what services/programs they are using, whether they live inside or outside of city limits.  I'd also like to measure unique users but haven't figured out how to accomplish that.
We are currently working on how to evaluate our programs, using self-assessments and working on a more detailed evaluation tool. We're hoping it will help us see a clearer picture of the resources used for specific programs, including staff time. I'd like to find a way to get a meaningful snapshot of the impact our programs have on patrons, and kind of tie that into the evaluations.
We are creating a master plan for our library in the next few years.  Our city's population is growing very quickly, and it is important to plan for the future and determine how we can best serve the community going forward.  For my project, I would like to look at the types of data we currently collect and determine how to develop a community needs assessment in preparation for that master plan.
As the Assistant Administrator of Information and Operations, one of my responsibilities is to collect all of the library's database statistics and to monitor usage for purposes of budget planning and expenditures. While I report this data to our administrative committee, I would love to discover a means of compiling all of the data into a useful, easy-to-read infographic (rather than presenting multiple print-outs in various formats). Statistics could also be shared with the Library Advisory Board and the City of Wichita Falls government and stakeholders.
A space Evaluation of the Library is included in this years City budget and Strategic Plan. We have $10,000 to get the plan done. My project is to design the plan from beginning to end. What do we want to know and where do we want to go. Who do we want to serve and where do we want the Library to be in 10, 20 years? This is just the beginning of what I hope is an update of the Strategic Plan and an upgraded building.

If anyone would like to carpool from the hotel to the meeting I can take 3 people in my car.
Looking into what we need to evaluate and measure here this past week. I have come up with two different areas and projects that really need to be measured and assessed. The two areas are our After-school STEM & Robotics and our Teen program. I want to look at how to make these more successful and to measure the outcome of each program.
My team of librarians really wants to assess summer reading program in a very meaningful way. We have done surveys in the past, but don't feel like we have a real handle on the popularity of programs, or if we are truly meeting community needs with our programming and reading incentives.

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