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Evaluation Projects
Hello -

Please post a description of your evaluation project to this thread.
[i]Amanda Jacobs Foust[/i]
Forum Administrator
RIPL Project Coordinator
I dream of being able to champion data-driven collection development to my library's selectors, so I'd like to focus my evaluation project on collections analysis and evaluation. I expect to use historical circulation data, past purchase orders, and a community assessment to hopefully build a framework that would show a big-picture view of the collection to help with budgeting, what materials our patrons currently expect and enjoy (especially if we're missing those materials), and new collections that might be successful in our community. 

To paraphrase from the opening webinar, the questions in my mind are, "Are these collections worth the investment?" and "Are our users satisfied with our collections?"
I'm trying to decide between opening day collection or how to implement results from recent A/V survey.
I have been involved in the process of long-range planning through board and staff meetings, town halls, focus groups, and the actual drafting of the plan, but I still feel there are areas of community assessment that I could learn about and improve on. 

I think that I would like for my project to focus on the evaluation of online services, the various vendor databases, e-books, and others that we provide to our community.  I would like to discover best methods to evaluate the usefulness and value of various online resources beyond just usage statistics, and discover potential new resources of greater value to our community.
Our community has gone through some rapid cultural changes and our population is much more diverse than it was just a few years ago. We have occasional requests for foreign language materials and I want to find out what the true interest is in a world language collection. Do we have a population that would utilize such materials? What languages would we need to include? How do we reach the potential users of the collection? The only data of any sort that we currently have is an attempt to keep track of the requests we get. We could track ILL requests in foreign languages and also access census and local school district data, but have not yet done so.
Katherine Adelberg and I are going to look at how we can improve the evaluation of the Family Place Libraries in Texas.  Since 2015,  57 libraries have gone through the training and established the program in their libraries.  Some surveys have been conducted, and photos and press release information have been collected.  We'd like to see if we can do a better job of seeing the impact these new programs have in their communities, and how to use this information to involve more libraries in the program.
The project I want to focus on is to determine, using data and assessing community needs, when would be the appropriate time to ask the City for another employee.  First a part-time employee and then in the not too distant future a full time employee.  Currently I have a great relationship with the City Manager but I want to have my ducks lined up before I approach him.  I have already laid down the seeds, now I want to be able to back it up with data.  

The City has grown a lot in the last few years because of the Eagle Ford Shale, the city has been looking at ways to attract more people to come a live here permanently, and they realize it is thru the amenities that families will come and stay.  The City has built a brand new Library three years ago, upgraded Main Street, has revitalized the parks and recreation department, the school district has built a brand new state of the art primary school.  

I want to now focus on the inside of the Library and promote more programs and services as well as add to the Library's existing collection.  In order to do those those things I need to have the personnel to implement the programs as well as continue to do the daily things that need to be done to run the library such as processing books and running the circulation desk.
My library's strategic plan has a task to evaluate our collection of "Bollywood" DVDs under the goal "Residents will have programs and services that promote appreciation and understanding of their personal heritage and the heritage of others in the community." We could probably gather circulation statistics from our catalog for the DVDs in this category, and compare them to statistics for the DVD collection in general, but we also want to know if we're doing a good job selecting materials for the collection. I don't anticipate the designing the survey will be all that difficult, but I have questions about how to reach the people who would be most interested in this collection.
We have recently been involved with a program "Small Libraries Create Smart Spaces" through OCLC and Web Junction.  This small grant has been a catalyst for huge discussion and massive change within our library/foundation and our community as a whole.

Due to this project - we have started a capital campaign, are rewriting all our procedures, mission, long term planning and on and on....

So - we feel we have a pretty good understanding of how our community feels and what it wants and expects from our library - but how to get there??? We are still trying to find our way.

During this time I have identified several programs that while healthy  - I feel we could do differently or just a little better.  One is Summer Reading.  I'd like to investigate a total re-do of this program.

I also have this capital campaign looming in the near future - scary!

So I'd like to work on either or both of these projects.
In January of this year we did away with the Dewey Decimal System. As we approach the year mark, I want to evaluate our circulation statistics to see what impact, if any, it has had on circulation and take advantage of having the ability to directly apply statistical information to each category and sub-category to make data driven collection development decisions.

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