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I'm John D. Hayden and I'm the Library Director at the Bonham Public Library in Bonham, TX. I have been here for about 16 months and before that I was the youth services librarian at the W Walworth Harrison Public Library in Greenville, TX. Bonham serves a community of 10,000 plus the surrounding areas.
I have four wonderful kids who I love to spend time with when I'm not working. The great part is that all of them love to read. I'm a big sports fan and especially enjoy watching basketball. I'm a big Kansas Jayhawks fan and one corner of my office is all about the Jayhawks.
I'm looking forward to RIPL and ways we can enrich our library and our community.
Hi all! My name is Oksana Burr and I have been a youth librarian at Melissa Public Library for just over a year and have had other library experience for about 16 years. We serve city's population of about 10,000+ people and other surrounding areas as well. I'm always looking for new ways to grow professionally and implement different techniques in my work. When I'm not working at the library, I enjoy drawing, reading, singing, exercising and raising my 2 daughters.
I'm excited for the upcoming RIPL Regional, to be making new connections and learning new things.
I am Valicia (Vah-lee-sha) Greenwood, and I am the Library Statistics Specialist for the Texas State Library.  Many of you have worked with me on your library's Annual Report as I assist Stacey Malek with accreditation.  I assist the rest of the Library Development Division with a variety of statistical reports and data collection issues.

I truly enjoy working with charts, graphs and numbers and all types of data!  In addition, I am an avid reader.  I ran a K-8 library for three years prior to working here, so I am very understanding about many of the issues that Texas librarians face. 

My evenings and weekends are spent taking care of my house, my garden, and my aging mother, who lives with us.  I have a blended family of five adult children, two daughters-in-law, and one granddaughter, only two of whom live nearby.
Hello! My name is Benjamin (Ben) Baron, and I am a Public Services Librarian at the Plano Public Library. I have worked for the City for Plano since July 2015, and have been a librarian since February 2016. I spent a little time in academia and have contributed to several research studies during my undergraduate and graduate careers. I have basic experience with SAS and have performed some qualitative data analysis.

I look forward to the experience!
My name is Sara Miller and I am the Deputy Director of the Burleson Public Library.  I've had this position for a year and a half, but I have worked at my library for 11 years.  When I first started in Burleson our population was around 30,000 and we now serve 45,000 and continue to grow rapidly. I will soon face the challenge of preparing a strategic plan for the library--something I have never done before.  I hope what I learn in this training will help me prepare for that!

In my off hours, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two Labrador retrievers.  I am an avid reader, Walking Dead fanatic, music lover and sometimes yoga student.  I love spending time with my friends and you can often find me enjoying live music somewhere in town.
Hello from Colorado! I'm Rochelle Logan, a library consultant and trainer. I am one of your instructors at RIPL and am looking forward to the trip to Texas and meeting you all. In my spare time I enjoy golf, pickle ball, biking and travel. I'm always thinking about where our next trip will be and what guidebooks to read in preparation.
Hi! My name is Kathy Vossler, and I am Assistant Administrator - Operations at the Wichita Falls Public Library. Wichita Falls is a city of 105K, 2 hours south of Oklahoma City and 2 hours north of Dallas/Ft. Worth - we are about 10 miles from the Oklahoma border. I've been working at the WFPL for 9 years in various positions, and prior to that, worked as a school library aide for about 5 years.

I am looking forward to meeting and learning from all of you at RIPL!
Hi Everyone, 

This is Michelle Cervantes director at the Round Rock Public Library.  I've been with RRPL for almost 12 years.  When I'm not in RRTX, I'm usually traveling and visiting other libraries.  I love yoga, Pilates, and running.  Looking forward to meeting y'all.

Hi everyone! My name is Vicki Chiavetta and I am the Director of Library Services for the Cozby Library and Community Commons in Coppell, Texas. We serve a community of just over 40,000 residents and are located just north of the DFW airport in the Metroplex. I've been here over 8 years, in libraries for 22 years and a landscape architect in my former career. It's been a fun journey!
In my spare time, I enjoy grandchildren, traveling, gardening, good food, friends and family. I love learning, change and trying new things, so I'm looking forward to an interesting RIPL institute.
See you soon!

I am Dorothy Steelman and I am the director of the Pleasanton Public Library in Texas, ( not California).  You would be surprised how many incorrect calls we get on a monthly basis.

The city of Pleasanton has a population of about 12,000 but since we are the largest library within Atascosa County and the county gives us funds to also serve the residents outside the city limits, the State has assigned us with 21,999 has our population served.

I have been the director for over 2 1/2 years and previously I was the library director of a small rural non-profit library for almost 12 years.  Crossing over from the world of non-profits to a city entity has been an experience.  I truly enjoy being a librarian so the transition has been more a labor of love than chore.  

When I am not working in the library you can find me reading, hiking or taking care of my 4 year old grandson.

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