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Hello, everyone! I'm Amy Koester from Skokie Public Library just outside of Chicago. I'm really excited for this preconference and the opportunity to talk about data that's relevant to libraries and their work. When not librarian-ing, I'm likely cooking or reading sci-fi.
Hello, I am Hillary Theyer, City Librarian for the Torrance Public Library.  We are a municipal library, six facilities, circulation about 1.3M items per year, in Torrance which is between LAX and Long Beach.  I am interested in using data to make coherent, proactive, and effective management decisions and changes; to look at process and look for waste; and to evaluate and demonstrate the public library's true impact on the community we serve.

I'm a director for the Siskiyou County Library (right on the border with California and Oregon; last stop on the I-5 north) and I would like to be able to share my data with staff and the public so that they could examine circulation for juvenile fiction in their local branch (as an example).

A second goal is to try and get beyond "the number" and see how the data we collect can help support local community outcomes.

Hi All!

I'm Courtney Laverty and I am the director of the Mt. Shasta Library. The Mt. Shasta Library is part of the Siskiyou County Library System - Michael Perry and I are colleagues.  I'm interested in better understanding how effectively my library is functioning. Because we are in a weird hybrid community/county library relationship, it's an interesting challenge to have really good data and to know what to do with it! 

Looking forward to meeting everyone and learning some new things!

I'm Scott Bauer, director of the Pacific Grove Public Library (and former colleague of Amanda Jacobs Foust at the Marin County Free Library.)

Besides Pacific Grove itself we also provide library service to parts of Pebble Beach and I'm hoping to find ways to draw out how from our data well we're doing in that area.
Hello! I'm Heather Pizzuto, Library & Cultural Arts Director for the City of Carlsbad. I'm looking forward to digging deeper into outcomes measurement with the help of RIPL and this preconference.
Hi Everyone! My name is Joyce Cooper and I work for the Los Angeles Public Library. I manage Programming & Outreach for the Central Library in Downtown L.A.. I look forward to meeting & working with all of you.
Hello,  I am Sandra Brautigam and currently a managing Library Lead at a library in Southern California for a community of under 12,000 people.  I am looking forward to understanding how to collect, understand and use the information to the best advantage of my library.

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