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Evaluation Projects
Good morning:

Understanding the needs of non-users would be terrific. A number of participants have mentioned that, and I hope I can learn more about how to assess the needs of our non-users.

In the short term, I am interested in using the facility more efficiently and creatively to accommodate the new types of programming we are doing for all ages. I'd like to explore how to evaluate this.

My first idea was to evaluate user satisfaction with our library's electronic resources. So, I hope to decide which one I will focus on by the time I get to Sunday River!

Susan Pizzolato
Mattapoisett Free Public Library
I have a bunch of evaluation projects in mind - we're just starting a new strategic plan, and there is a lot to assess. One particular project I think I'll focus on, though, is a staffing analysis - how many staff do we need working our public service desk versus working on programs, outreach, special projects, etc.? Is there a different staffing model that would better serve the needs of our patrons?
Amy Wisehart
Ellsworth ME Public Library
I am also having a hard time deciding between a couple of projects. I'm interested in evaluating our outreach services. What are our off-site programs and school visits producing? What should we consider when deciding which outreach opportunities to pursue.

I'm also interested in evaluating our services geared toward kids in Middle childhood (ages 6-12). Trying to get a big picture view (not just programming, also collection development, outreach, partnerships, ect.) of what we are doing for this age group and what we could/should be doing for them.

Sam Lucius
Wiggin Memorial Library
I'm thinking that this would be a good time to evaluate our summer reading program. We changed it this year and I'd like to look closely at the outcomes if possible. Finding out about non-joiners and those who joined but didn't log any reading would be interesting too.

Another possibility is the impact/value of early literacy activities, especially drop-in activities vs registered.

Corinne Fisher
Reading MA PL
I am struggling to identify just what I should evaluate -- it rests somewhere between what genealogy researchers hope to encounter in their reference interations and how (or whether) we are prepared to serve those needs. This may require a dual approach -- and, that said, I am open to feedback and suggestions.... Above all, I am interested in determining how we can best meet the needs of this burgeoning research population.
I am also struggling to decide on an evaluation project. There are so many excellent suggestions in this thread. I'm leaning toward evaluating patron satisfaction.
For my evaluation project, I'd like to assess our monthly statistical report
.xlsx   00stat June 2017.xlsx (Size: 23.84 KB / Downloads: 1)  to determine (1) if we're measuring the right metrics, (2) if not, what metrics should be added/changed/dropped, (3) how we can capture our most important outcomes in this report, and (4) how to use this data to communicate our value to funders and stakeholders. 

Brandie Doyle
Russell Library
Middletown, CT
Joining the discussion many possibilities...can identify with many of the potential projects listed...still trying to decide...leaning toward reference services...will decide in the morning! Big Grin
What a great conference; I'm finally able to take a look at my notes, and the playbook...

Not really a reply: I was looking at the resources page (on the cover of our playbook), and saw this slide

on Pg 5/slide 5, can anyone tell me what the M P C's in the Celebration column represent??

Many thanks!

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