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I'm Jesse Henning, the director of the Garfield County Libraries out here on the Western Slope.

Before I got into libraries I helped run a physical chemistry instructional lab at the Ohio State University - making me secretly a numbers person and part-time Excel jockey. I'm excited to talk about research methods and data work with you all!
Hey everybody, I'm Currie Meyer. I am the manager of the Council Tree Library of the Poudre River Public Library District in Fort Collins. I am excited to head south to beautiful Colorado Springs - home to my alma mater, Colorado College (go Tigers!) - to learn about outcomes-based measurement with y'all.
(07-18-2017, 01:37 PM)ajacobsfoust Wrote: Hi all! 

Let's do introductions. 

I'm Amanda Jacobs Foust and I'm RIPL Project Coordinator. When I'm not working on RIPL, I spend my time reading, talking and writing about comics in libraries. 

I'm looking forward to working with all of you at RIPL CO, especially since I am fairly new to Colorado libraries.

Hi everyone,
I'm Micaela Sanchez, out of High Plains Library District in Greeley. My job title is Program Coordinator - it's a fairly new position to our organization (about 4 years old) and over the years, it's developed into a position focused on encourage the measurement of outcomes into our program development process. This has been a slow process - in the past, we've traditionally tracked outputs for our programs and not gone much further than that. It's definitely a paradigm shift for our organization - to see the value of programs in a different light. And it's also a change in process/procedure/workload to include an evaluation portion to the program delivery process. We're not quite there yet - but every year, we are making strides and it's nice to see how far we've actually come from where we've been.

I have my MLIS with a background in Sociology (emphasis on Social Issues), have worked in libraries for 14 years, and truly believe that libraries can be a great catalyst for social change. I'm also a mother of three, married to my best friend and am a Colorado native who has never been ski-ing. :-)
Hello, I am Maria Tucker and I am the Manager of Special Collections and Museum Services for the Pueblo City-County Library District. I look forward to the workshop and learning with all of you.
Hello, I am Cameron Riesenberger and I am the Teen Services Outreach Librarian for the Pikes Peak Library District. I coordinate all or most of the outreach to middle schools and high schools in El Paso County, mostly in the form of booktalks and resource classes/database instruction. I've only been in the position for about 6 months and this is my first position after completing my MLIS, so I have a lot to learn and am excited for our two days together! When I'm not working I enjoy reading, watching movies, and carving wooden spoons and bowls.
Hi Everyone,
I'm Abby Simpson, I manage the Sand Creek and Fountain Libraries for the Pikes Peak Library District. Looking forward to the next two days!
Hi, Tony Brewer here. I see people posting stuff about "free time." My question: what is that?

 I am Associate Director for Branch Services for High Plains Library District. You will see posts on here by Kelli Johnson and Micaela Sanchez. They are the driving force for adopting Outcomes Based Programs, Analytics on Demand, Project Outcome,  RIPL and just about any other data driven project in our district.  Kelli and Micaela aren't new to this, but it is new for our staff, including me. My role is to be a resource to them to move our organization in that direction. 

If my name is vaguely familiar, it's probably because I've been around a long time. This is my 41st year in the library field. Was for many years director at Longmont Public Library. Then retired for a weekend and became Library Manager at Erie Community Library. In January of this year, became Associate Director. And for the next months ahead, I am Interim Director while we search for a new Executive Director to replace Janine Reid (not really possible) who retires end of August.
Hi all,

Nothing like waiting to the last minute, sorry about that.  I am Ross Callender, Regional Consultant for the Colorado Library Consortium for the last 10 years, based out of Grand Junction and covering the Western Slope. My main job duty is to travel around the region (average about 18,000 miles a year) visiting libraries and helping them out in any way that I can.  We also host the Spring Workshop in Grand Junction with about 175 attendees each year.

When I am not working, I like to hike, and travel as much as possible, Vegas is just a 7 hour drive, Smile .  Looking forward to saying hi to some familiar faces and meet new folks tomorrow!
I'm Digital Resources Manager at Boulder PL, part of the Flatirons Library Consortium [with Sarah J. at Louisville].  Most of my job is collection development, databases, eCollections, etc., but I also submit a quarterly report to the director that summarizes lots of disparate data from other sources. Also, I am recently the "data steward" for City of Boulder's Open Data project. 
My main interests/concerns with data collection have to do with the methodology of data collection, standardization of data terms (are we all talking about the same thing?), reliability and accuracy of the data we collect.  I am in the 'trenches', in that I  supply the 'numbers', but not the evaluative, strategic action on those numbers. I hope to refine/learn techniques that will insure my data collection is accurate from the source. It seems imperative to me that we compare methods, language, and definitions, prior to any analysis we undertake. 

My data heroes:

Stephen Few: Perceptual Edge: We are overwhelmed by information, not because there is too much, but because we don't know how to tame it. Information lies stagnant in rapidly expanding pools as our ability to collect and warehouse it increases, but our ability to make sense of and communicate it remains inert, largely without notice.
Edward Tufte: Da Vinci of data. 
John Wilbanks: Libraries are "uniquely poised" to deliver the information commons. Founder of Science Commons. [/url]
[url=]Lorcan Dempsey
: He first identified the attention deficit for libraries: "Information is abundant, attention is scarce."
Hello fellow RIPLers,
I'm Claudine, Director of Estes Valley Public Library District.  

We've operated successfully for many years by relying on heartfelt promises to our voters, donors and patrons.  Used data for the Big Things like Satisfaction/gap analysis surveys and election questions, but those are infrequent.  Otherwise, relied on Good Feelings and great storytelling.  Now we're ready to shift and include metrics-based planning and evaluation.

I love a good strategic plan and am ready to learn better ways to make better decisions.

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