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I am Maribeth Shafer from the Central Kansas Library System. Margie Sheppard, my colleague is attending this RIPL session as well. As a regional library system, our patrons are our 54 public  and 26 School district libraries in our 16 county area of central Kansas. With a new director in 2018, we have been going through a change in how our system works. We are moving to a library driven model where our member libraries  are an involved, governing board for CKLS. This means we need to move to Data Driven Decision making process. Our goal is to empower our libraries to govern CKLS to provide the services, training, and grants they need to be awesome libraries. 
Maribeth Shafer
Assistant Director & CE Consultant
Central Kansas Library System
1409 Williams St
Great Bend, KS 67530

800-362-2642 x 140

My name is Margie Sheppard.  I am the Library Technology Consultant for the Central Kansas Library System.  We provide library services to 54 public libraries and 26 school districts.  I will be attending RIPL with my colleague, Maribeth Shafer.  We are in the process of assessing and evaluating many of services we provide to the member libraries.  One of them is the current delivery method of the Rotating Books Collection purchased by the system.  The current method involves a truck filled with books that visits libraries six times each year.  Librarians pull a selection of books from the truck to house in their libraries for patrons to access.  Because the truck is aging, the current system is not sustainable.  The process of evaluation we implemented involves using data to be sure the service is used, surveying librarians on their perception of the service and asking for comments. The next step create a new delivery system and evaluate is effectiveness. We plan to take what we learn back to our librarians so they can learn the power of making data driven decisions.
Hello, I am Sarah Palfrey, Director for the Morgantown Public Library System (WV). There are so many things in our system that need evaluation, but for this workshop I am going to start with the hardest, hoping to get the most help! My big question is how do you decided on the size/location of a new facility? We have one that needs to be replaced because of structural issues, one that is too small, and another that the cost of maintaining the building is challenging.  I am hoping to establish sometime of guidelines or criteria that can help through these very big decisions.  

Also I'll be traveling one of these routes, if you have any suggestions of must stop and see libraries (of any size) please send them my way.

Hi! We're Olivia Hasan and Rita Scrivener from the Hampton Public Library. As the Children's Librarian and Reference Librarian respectively, we're interested in collaborating more to create programming for all ages. We'd like to plan a systemwide event that would involve all four locations. We’ve only helped plan book discussions that were held at all four, so this would be a new level of programming for us. We’re thinking about something like a Harry Potter Day where there would be different activities at each branch; or a Stranger Things day that could take the form of a scavenger hunt (find your way out of the Upside Down, perhaps?). We’re not committed to either of these ideas, but those examples give an idea of the sort of project we have as our goal.
Hi! I'm Megan Upshaw and I'm the director of the Caroline County Library in Virginia.  There are a ton of things that my library needs to evaluate, but our most pressing project is revitalizing our strategic plan.  For the two days of our conference, I'd like to work on doing a community assessment.  I think that'll give us a good jumping off point.
My name is Ben Neal, and I'm the Manager of Portsmouth Public Library's Main Library---but in addition to my managerial duties, I've sort of carved out a niche for myself as the library's resident stats cruncher and data visualizer. I hope to learn new ideas and my dream project is to create an interactive dashboard for admin, other managers, and staff to utilize information on how our community uses our services.

My "project" for RIPL is to try to develop an evaluation of how our programming does or doesn't connect with our collections, i.e. our programming stats are through the roof compared to previous years, yet circulation is usually down 15%/year pretty consistently. So I'd like to develop an evaluation plan to see if we're successfully connecting our collection to programming (if so what type of programs) to try to develop a plan to use our successful programming to elevate our collection and its circulation.
I'm Jeffrey Hamilton, Adult Services Consultant at the State Library of North Carolina.  I'll be looking at evaluating our statewide subscription to LibGuides--how much is the service used and what impact has the service had to both library staff and library users.
Hi, my name is Cathy Field and I am an adult services librarian for Appomattox Regional Library system (Hopewell, Dinwiddie County, and Prince George County). The project I plan to work on is adult services programming. Currently, there is no framework for programming, so I'd like to start at the beginning. What do we want to get out of our programs? What programs have been successful or unsuccessful in the past? How do we measure patron experience to define success? How can we best spend our yearly budget? All advice is welcome!
Hello. My name is Michele Farrell and I am a Senior Program Officer at the Institute of Museum and Library Services. I monitor grant funding received by 20 states (CO, FL, GA, IL, KS, KY, MA, NE, NV, ND, OK, OR, SC, SD, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WY) as part of the Grants to States Program (LSTA). I'm looking forward to learning more about RIPL and how libraries are using it to tell their stories. IMLS has funded RIPL and it's great to be able to attend a workshop.
Greetings! My name is Andrew DeNicola of Culpeper County Library in Virginia. I am the Adult Services Librarian & Outreach Coordinator charged with exploring patron needs. We are looking to do county wide survey of to identify programming, services, etc, needs of our patrons and the best ways to reach out and contact patrons when these services are in available. The expected outcome is once identified implement quickly with the Library coordinators plans of action.

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