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Hello everyone!  I'm the director of both the Bertha Voyer Memorial Library (soon to be the Honey Grove Library and Learning Center - long story) and the Hall-Voyer Foundation.  We are a foundation operated library - receiving only minimal funding from our city.  Our population is 1760 - so I'm one of the really small - really rural libraries - but we are the "heart of our community".  Along with the library, we operate office spaces for our Justice of the Peace, Chamber of Commerce and the Honey Grove Preservation League as well as the Civic Center for our area.

In my spare time - my sidekick (my husband Mike) and I love to visit and network with other libraries in Texas (NETLIBS is my passion)! I also love to sew, craft, read and travel.  I have one child and one grandson and three furbabies - they are my life!

Can't wait to meet all of you and get started with this RIPL Adventure!
Hi, everyone!  My name is Melissa Uhlhorn and I am the Director of Schertz Public Library.  Schertz is located just north of San Antonio.  Like many of the cities and town around San Antonio, we have been experiencing a lot of growth, pretty much for the entire 16 years I've worked here. I think our service population was somewhere around 46,000 when I started, and it's close to 100,000 now. Through this training, I am hoping to better understand what the data we collect is telling us and what data I can look at to better understand the changing needs of our community.

As for me personally, I'm an audio book fan, a crafter, collector and dog lover.  I'm trying to get used to my daughter being off to college for the first time. The house is unusually quiet!
My name is Jennifer Johnson-Spence and I'm the Director at Cooke County Library in Gainesville, TX. The Library building is 7,300 sq. feet and serves a pop of @39,000. 
I've been in this position since 2005 and am still amazed at how hard a job it is. That said I really enjoy what I do. I'm very lucky to have a staff that works as hard as they do, without them I'd be lost and so would our patrons. 

Two years ago I was rescued by a 10 pound dog who makes sure I walk twice a day no matter the weather. I'm a huge traveler and I love learning something new every day. 

I'm looking forward to the RIPL training. See everyone soon.

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My name is Kelli Bryant and I work that the Grand Saline Public Library.  Grand Saline is a small town about an hour east of Dallas.  Our service area is a population of around 6,500.  I have been here for five years and as the only library employee I have to own up to the fact that this is my circus and those are my monkeys.  

When I'm not chasing monkeys, I can usually be found at home chasing my dogs and my sulcata tortoise.
Angel Hey guys, my name is Stacy Nelson.  I am the Director of the Electra Public Library. 
 I am 5 years young to my position and I am still trying to get a hold on all that accompanies this title. 
 Our town has a population of under 2,500, so I am eagerly trying to find ways to make our library remain a beneficial part of the community. 
 I love spending time with my family and making memories with my senior daughter during her last year in high school.  My favorite things to do are to read, watch old movies, crochet and camping near lakes.
I love my job!
Stacy Nelson
Hi all!

I am Lisa Lawrence and I am the director of Franklin County Library in Mt. Vernon.  We are in a 104 year old bank building with vault doors still intact.  Our county just reached 10,000 population as of the last census, so we are small and rural.  

I have twin boys that will turn 28 on Nov. 4th and a 23 y/o daughter.  AND we are expecting our first grandchild in March.  Family and fur babies make my world go round.
(10-25-2017, 01:43 PM)DSteelman Wrote: Hi,

I am Dorothy Steelman and I am the director of the Pleasanton Public Library in Texas, ( not California).  You would be surprised how many incorrect calls we get on a monthly basis.

The city of Pleasanton has a population of about 12,000 but since we are the largest library within Atascosa County and the county gives us funds to also serve the residents outside the city limits, the State has assigned us with 21,999 has our population served.

I have been the director for over 2 1/2 years and previously I was the library director of a small rural non-profit library for almost 12 years.  Crossing over from the world of non-profits to a city entity has been an experience.  I truly enjoy being a librarian so the transition has been more a labor of love than chore.  

When I am not working in the library you can find me reading, hiking or taking care of my 4 year old grandson.

At the Allen Public Library in Allen, TX we get phone calls for the Allen County Public Library in Indiana!

Hello, my name is Claudia Wayland and I'm the Youth Services Manager at the Allen Public Library in Allen, TX. I've worked here a little over two years. 

Allen is located about 25 miles north of Dallas and has slightly less than 100,000 residents. In addition to serving the people who live in Allen, the Allen Public Library also serves the surrounding cities and towns including Fairview, Parker, and Lucas. 

We will be expanding our current building in 2-3 years, and will be looking for ideas for how to use our new space for our library visitors. 

Looking forward to meeting everyone on Monday!
Hi all! My name is Kelly Skovbjerg and I am the director of the Patrick Heath Public Library (Boerne, TX) near San Antonio. We serve a population of about 43,000 people. When I am not devoting time to the library, I love to read, write and camp. I also enjoy traveling and being creative.
Hello! I'm Phil Barott, and I’m the Information Systems Administrator for the Rowlett Public Library. I maintain the library’s computers, oversee ordering for the library (and order most adult materials), and supervise Tech Services. I’ve worked for the library here in Rowlett for about five years now.
When not working I mostly just read, play video games, and watch a bit of TV.
Hi folks,
I'm Judy Bergeron, Director of the Smithville Public Library.

We serve a fairly small community, so we all do a little of everything at the library.
When I am not working, I am usually reading, gardening, or participating in other community activities.
Looking forward to Monday's workshop! I'll try to get back on soon to post my eval project.

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